Free Tibet (PART 1)

This month I am taking a break from blogging about environmental issues as I wanted to share with you one of my travel writing and photography pieces. ‘Free Tibet – An Epic Journey Through the Wilderness of a Woman’s Heart’ was written the year after I returned from Tibet and Nepal, and contains material taken from journal extracts during my travels. Although the story reflects the events in my life at the time and the journey was a powerfully cathartic one; in the light of recent developments in my life, it now seems strangely prophetic. I started this blog to share my experiences as an Environmental Warrior, but also as a platform for my environmental activism and art and writing projects. I have been interested in Tibetan Buddhism for many years, was active in the Free Tibet movement for many years and have done some preliminary research into Tibet’s crucial role in the global environment and climate. This piece is an introduction of my love for this beautiful country, its culture, its environment and its people.

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