Planet Ocean: Documentary Review

Planet Ocean is a 2012 documentary by French filmmakers Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Michael Pitiot. This film needs to be requisite viewing for every human being. I recently watched this documentary for the first time and was stunned and horrified at the damage we have inflicted on the ocean and on the Earth, at our collective lack of awareness and foresight, and the serious implications for the human species if we continue down this path. Nothing you read here or see in the film will be news to you. The issues presented are the same ones we have heard before, repeatedly, in different forms, although clearly none of it is getting through to us. Read it and weep…for our beautiful oceans, and for the sentient marine creatures – the life, soul and heart of the marine environment. I have summarized the main points of the documentary and added my comments in italics.

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