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The 30 Day Fresh Face Challenge

True beauty emerges from within, from the deeper self, from the heart and soul. Beauty has nothing to do with our facial features or the products we use. It is our life force and our spirit that shines through our eyes and creates a beautiful, radiant smile. Expensive creams and cosmetics cannot make us beautiful if we are not beautiful on the inside. Skin is built from the foods we eat, not by beauty products. We must feed and nourish skin internally, because what we do on the inside reflects on the outside. Great skin is the result of healthy nutritional choices, and by keeping our skin clean, bare and hydrated. Taking The 30 Day Fresh Face Challenge, and eating mainly fruit, vegetables and essential fats, drinking filtered water, using minimal beauty products and avoiding wearing make-up, will create noticeable results in just one month, and instil healthy life-long habits.

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